Atonement - Love and the Law

Starting of a new week to give a talk at Church on Sunday. Call came from Brother Reed, a counsellor in the KL branch presidency

I've been extra busy since the start of the year of the Dog and have been "..working like a "Dog" as the song goes. The rush is to finish my book of course and my inspiration is at an all time high due to many factors. As I've been a consistent writer of journals to be named a "Chronicler",  I can make this post a short one by using links to many of my experiences that make up "My Consciousness" which is part of the title/theme of my Book! These links can be clicked that will give details to my passion and thoughts or the expression of my Heart and Mind on this topic of Atonement.

This dog is a multi-tasker but in reality, focused on only in doing one thing at a time and doing it in an optimal fashion or the best I can and switching by a batch process of breaking up time in segments of a day to fulfil the needs of my Body Mind Spirit that can cover different space and time dimensions in what we refer to as one day that includes the night.

Body can mean...

Sweating it out in physical work or that stretches my physical self

Going out to do some physical exercises like cycling at the same time meeting the needs of upkeeping good relationships with other physical beings close to me, creating positive emotions, which is kind of a multi tasking activity in itself.

It can also be just going out to meet people or friends for real physically instead of doing it online in cyberspace alone that is popular today.

Mind can mean...

Writing my thoughts in my journals and developing my creative mind to share using latest social media technology

Keeping up my reading of the volumes of books in my personal library of all kinds of topics and book sizes.

Plus writing my own journals and books to be published that will share my knowledge of history, philosophy, the sciences and even technology from the time of the Abacus to the Cloud computing era of today.

Spirit can mean...

Fulfilling church callings like missionary work for the Church to help share the Gospel to others

Paying respect to those who have passed away and doing family history research

Giving lessons or talks at Church 

The content of the photo above was highlighted in my talk on the theme of the Atonement. In clearing house in the apartment, I opened a drawer that had my wife's old documents to find the two larger envelopes containing our exchange of mails seen as the stack of smaller envelopes above that started when we first met in Singapore again after my mission in June 1982. My letters to her is on the left pile while hers to me was on the right.

I was aware that she had kept all our letters as shared in the year 2005 when I started recording our courtship experience in this same blog found in the following relevant posts: My post with copies of the first page of our letters to each other with her response in her own blog at Retro 1 and Retro 2.

To be continued....

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